Our Story

Amir grew up in Mclean, VA with a love for art and aspirations of being a graphic artist.  After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1998 with a fine arts degree he got a job in Tysons Corner with PWC as a Graphic Designer. Quickly Amir realized that he wanted to be a business owner, like his dad who owned video rental stores in McLean & Falls Church. Not knowing exactly what business he wanted to go into, he did know that he loved going to Southern California juice bars on his trips to visit friends and family out West.  While back East, Amir would crave the fresh & healthy flavors from California and was frustrated at the lack of fresh offering in the DC area.  When the opportunity presented itself to open a juice bar at George Washington University  in 2004, Amir thought that it was the perfect opportunity to bring a taste of Southern California to the DC area, so he went for it and opened Campus Fresh.

During the time Amir graduated from Virginia Tech in 1998 and opened Campus Fresh in 2004 he lived in Arlington. Amir used to go to the old Gold’s Gym in Clarendon and would frequently grab a smoothie from the gym smoothie shop after work outs never knowing that one day he would own his own juice bar in almost the same spot where that old Golds Gym used to be in Clarendon. Amir loved living in Arlington and always thought it would be a perfect spot for his juice bar concept. He would frequently drive through Arlington looking for spots that may work for his second juice bar.

Once Clarendon Center was built in 2011, Amir jumped on the chance to take a spot in the south block tower of the 2 new towers. Knowing he couldn’t call it Campus Fresh, he was struggling for a new name. Amir wanted the name to be unique, while paying tribute to the local area and history he grew up in and watched grow, but didn’t want the name to be so obvious either. When the lease was presented to him and he read “in the South Block building.”, the name South Block just jumped out! And South Block was born.

One of his favorite parts about being a small business owner is that he can continue to put his graphic design skills to work building his own brands. But don’t be fooled by our good looks, we are indeed an independent, locally owned business…and proud of it!

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